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Game: The old mine - Game code: 20671

Game description: For someone who loves the nature in all its shapes, we are sure you do not have a problem to find yourself into some unusual conditions. For example, you take a good walk on your favorite place for mountain walk, and all of a sudden, for the first time you spot out a huge opening which you had never noticed before. And, if your spirit is adventurous enough, you will surely not hesitate to enter and see where does it lead. When there will not be any warnings of not entering the hole, that would mean you are free to go and loose yourself into the non-explored. But, nature is not something we should play with. She is so subordinated to her strict rules, and if one decides to act as Indiana Jones and does not have the skills for that, he or she could end up not so lucky. Mountaineers and alpinists have different motivation why would they do some activity. Some want to go higher the possible and risk their lives, others simply want to enjoy the spirit and the quietness of the mountains. The second character we are talking to you about is our adventurer today. While exploring the mountains, the climber Mike enjoys their beauty. Very accidentally, he runs across an old abandoned mine. Mike personality is adventurist and something tells him that he should enter the mine and start researching the terrain. And, as his instinct told him, he found a lot of interesting things and comes to conclusion that this mine is a sort of passing through the other side of the mountain, that he has not researched before. This is going to be one very unusual and extraordinary experience for him. Why should not that be the story with you, our dear player? Put yourself into Mike position and think hypothetically what would you do if you had the chance to research a new space in the nature. That sounds exclusive, is not it? Have fun with our game and play more free game at

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