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Game: Rescue mission 2 - Game code: 20381

Game description: Looking for bigger excitement, a group of young teenagers has decided to find little bit risky hobby for them, mountain climbing. Ok, it is for sure that they did not start doing this unprepared. They have been training a lot before they went outdoor and they begin conquering mountains starting from the ones that were not so high and eventually, when they were prepared enough, they started conquering more and more high challenges. We could call it a bad luck or who knows how, but the fact is that something pretty scare has happened. They were all walking through the mountains, going for a new peak, when they lost their way! Their parents could not know what has happened but after many hours, much more that it was planned this climb to last, they started calling their children, and when there was not any returned call, they decided to report the case to the police. The police have sent a group of professional mountain climbers to get to the place fast, to find them and see if everything is all right with them. Since this is a very delicate mission, we recommend you to take part in it and see what has happened to those teenagers. After this, maybe they would have to find some other, not so dangerous hobby. Have fun with our game and play more free game at

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