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Game: Guess the movie 2 - Game code: 18178

Game description: Hey again to all the passionate film lovers. Seven months later after our first Guess the movie game, here we are again with a new challenge for you. If you are a great fan of the seventh art, you will not have any trouble in finding the hidden objects we prepared for you for today. And, if you already played the first part of the game, this sure will be a new provocation to check your movie knowledge. Prepare yourself for your sharp vision ability and try how good you are in noticing tiny details we are hiding for you. Even if you are not who knows how much a movie expert, but you will not to observe and find little details, we are sure that this sequel would be perfect fun for you, too. For those of you who will play it for the first time, the game is divided into levels and in every level of the game, as usual, you get a scene with hidden objects. Your task is to find all of those objects in order to move into the next level. You will see a scene from a movie and you look for objects related to that scene. Usually you pass the level after finding all items but this time there is one more thing that has to be done a quiz. In this part of the game, players should guess the title of the film, according to the levels they play. They can choose the correct answer out of three offered. Each wrong answer in the quiz takes you back to the beginning of the actual level. That is why, get ready for this new cinema challenge, concentrate well and we wish you good luck. If, by chance, you guess the titles of the movies which you have not seen, we give you even new challenge to watch them and recognize the hidden objects there, too. Have fun with our game and play more free game at

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