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Game: Vampire soulmate - Game code: 17725

Game description: Again about vampires, but ok, they are so interesting, each one of them has his own story, something that is not same as our stories, it is full of mystery and completely unknown for us. Imagine to live eternally and have a chance to live through the world history, experiencing everything that happens in the humanity on your own skin well that is definitely something really exciting. In this game we will meet the vampire Dante. Since it is not that usual to be a vampire and Dante has felt that on his skin, he has decided to live deep in the woods, far away from the eyes of normal people, in his spacious and luxurious castle. He has admitted a lot of times that even it sounds powerfully and quite interesting to be immortal, this characteristic has made him really lonely. He likes to be in contact with people but that is pretty hard, having in mind that people do not feel comfortable enough to be friends with vampires. On the other hand, Dante is deeply in love with Helena. She is also a vampire and immortal, and she lives in the village known as Gernd. Dante is ready to bring Helena in his castle, at any price so he decides to go in a real conquering quest. The vampire get to the castle where Helena lives but she is not at home at the moment so Dante has enough time to see where does she live, what does she like, so she explores each possibility how to win her heart. Have fun with our game and play more free game at

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