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Game: Museum menace - Game code: 17722

Game description: Antoaneta has a very interesting job. She works as a main curator in the national museum so she is a keeper of the cultural heritage in this institution but also she is a content specialist, responsible for the institution collections and involved with the interpretation of the material. Her concerns are concrete objects of some sort, whether it is artwork, collectibles, historic items or scientific collections. It is about a very nice but also a very responsible profession that asks for constant education and dedication, in order to be up to date with every new item that comes in the museum, but also she has to be very careful for the safety of the place, even though she does not work as a security person. And everything was fine until today when at the end of Antoaneta shift something strange has happen - a breakdown in the security system of the museum. This is definitely something that is quite worrying, so Antoaneta has to do something immediately in order to exclude the chances for a possible crime. In this situation she is responsible for collecting the valuable relicts as soon as possible and place them on a safe place because they could easily become a target for the thieves. Maybe you are not that fond of history of art but we have to act together I order to save the place where Antoaneta works and avoid any possibility criminals to come there and take something very valuable. Let us help the curator place the objects in some safe place. Have fun with our game and play more free game at

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