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Game: Love bouquet - Game code: 17627

Game description: Flower bouquets are habitually given for some special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and similar other days that seem to be important for the ones that gives it or receives it. There are people whose profession is to grow flowers but also there are people who own flower shops where they make incredible bouquets for every occasion. This wonderful tradition of arranging flowers for home or building decor has a long history all around the world with the oldest evidence of formal arranging of bouquets in vases coming from Egypt, while the pictures of flower arrangements date back to 2500 BCE. One of the most used inspirations was the sacred lotus, then some herbs, palms, irises, anemones, and narcissus. Maybe the bouquets do not last forever, actually they last only for few days but the fact that they are an act of good will and appreciation made them and the tradition of giving flowers survive for so many years as a part of the global culture. Well Andrea, the girl that we will meet in the following game, is known for her amazing skills for creating specific bouquets. She always puts something original into her decorations and that is why her talent is known all around. This morning she has received a call from a gentleman that asked from her to make him the most beautiful and the most expensive bouquet ever. This offer sounds like a real challenge for Andrea so she takes the action right away, living the place and going for a walk in the near environment in order to collect enough fresh flowers for the bouquet. Have fun with our game and play more free game at

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