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Game: Special day - Game code: 17619

Game description: For some people spending a day with the family may seem even boring, something that they do every day so it is not something special but we will appreciate those meeting more if we think about the people that do not have so many chances to spend some quality time with their relatives because they have so much work to do or simply they do not live in the same country or even continent. In those cases people miss each other most and they enjoy their encountering so much that they make them long enough to tell each other everything they have missed and wait for the next meeting with open heart. Maria for example, was away from her family for so long time because they do not live in the same country. After 5 years Maria daughter comes in her native town, together with her family and that is such a big event for Maria. She has not seen her family for so many years so she feels extremely excited from the happening. She likes everything to be perfect for this occasion so she decides to prepare them their favorite dish. For that purpose Maria goes to the near market in order to find the needed products and prepare the perfect meal for the perfect occasion. Since the gusts are coming really soon, let us help Maria in getting the products and preparing the meal. She would definitely appreciate that and later she will not be so tired to enjoy the time spend with her family. Have fun with our game and play more free game at

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